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Renewed packaging
A little story about something annoying
10 September 2015

Many people were complaining about the dull packaging. Yes, in the reality of russian manufacturing, this is one of the moments when you don`t have a variety of options. After some time, due to team`s efforts and gained experience, the problem was sold

From the middle of September, 2015, every 12/15 inch speaker will be packed in the new box

Moreover, the fixating element was added to Magnetic assembly inside the body of the speaker

During the manufacturing process (the product will arrive in September) was added sealing element, which is fixing the frame inside the package. This element will make the shipment safe for the product, especially when the terms and conditions of shipment aren`t followed by the "blind" transporters

Thank you for your patience! We took a pretty long pause, on the background of correcting our mistakes and developing new products. Sure, the announcements, which are waiting to come up, will pleasantly surprise you


Long-expected speakers
All in the best Pride`s Traditions:
03 May 2015

Well, speakers from our brand is one of the "hot topics". In reality, work on the improvements of final products, materials for the manufacturing and other nuances had extended the processing times of the final product. After the detailed answer on every question, numerous pre-series example`s tests, we found optimal resolution for the implementation of our speakers

PERFORMANCE series will be a leader in the PRIDE CAR AUDIO speakers. The speakers will be manufactured, basically, on the Magnetic assembly, with Neodymium primary component

Enlargement of the assorted accessories and assembling details
All in the best Pride`s Traditions:
01 May 2015

Y-connectors with signal cable are made of not oxygenated copper with a triple shilding system

Frost-resistant plastic as a material for the fuse holders and power distributors

Tinned copper as a material for the cable tips

Voltmeters with very high accuracy, with the ability of correction the voltage