The update of the PRIDE 4K (amplifier)

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05 May 2015

Friends, we are glad to announce, that since May, 2015 we will be selling in our dealers offices an updated version of PRIDE 4K (amplifier)

In a relation to safety questions, especially in the connecting power amplifies, we can`t employ the whole potential of our products, at the same time having 200A as a fuse in the electronic chain. While understanding the rules for some formats, we added one more couple of force terminals

In this way, the updated version will be capable of keeping 4 cables, with the cross cut size up to 67 each. First couple of cables will be storing "positive" charge and the second couple will be storing "negative" charge. What in total will give you an opportunity to use the fuses, which will be able to handle 400A and more

Element base is still on the same high level of quality and reliability. Choosing our technologies, it`s 100% guaranteed that you will be receiving quality service, reliable warranty and a pledge of confidence in the question of warranty service, if the unfortunate situation will occur