Long-expected speakers

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05 May 2015

Well, speakers from our brand is one of the "hot topics". In reality, work on the improvements of final products, materials for the manufacturing and other nuances had extended the processing times of the final product. After the detailed answer on every question, numerous pre-series example`s tests, we found optimal resolution for the implementation of our speakers

PERFORMANCE series will be a leader in the PRIDE CAR AUDIO speakers. The speakers will be manufactured, basically, on the Magnetic assembly, with Neodymium primary component

A key fact, which will distinct our goods, as a high-quality product, will be a specific cooling system of the voice coil, high sort of Neodymium and Ferrite, our extra-light cone, which are giving only advantages for the final user

We can, infinitely, talk about the pluses of our speakers. However, if we are talking about the sound, the best way to feel and get to know the product is from personal "real life" experience. With absolute zero difficulties you can do it in our official branches. The list with locations you can find under the "Contact US" icon